HempBLOCK Installer Training Courses – Waiting List

Learn all about building with HempBLOCKs. There is a growing demand for our HempBLOCK walling system in the countries in which we operate. Many of our clients are seeking trained and experienced installers.

Register now for our waiting list to learn and become a HempBLOCK Master Builder at the next available training course in your country.

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Thank you for your interest in wanting to become a HempBLOCK installer by attending one of our training courses.

Once our training courses are announced they always fill rapidly.

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About the Training Programs

HempBLOCK International presents a comprehensive training program on the installation of HempBLOCKs designed for builders, carpenters, and owner builders. However, the courses are open to anyone that wants to learn.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from Johan T, the founder of HempBLOCK International, and acquire the competencies to become a HempBLOCK Master Builder.

There is a growing demand for the HempBLOCK system in the countries in which we operate. Many of our clients are seeking trained and experienced installers.

Training courses includes access to online knowledge together with an intensive two-day on-site training where participants gain hands-on experience in working with the interlocking LB 300 HempBLOCKs.

Course Overview:

Stage One:

  • Access to the HempBLOCK installation manual will be provided.
  • Approximately two hours dedicated to studying the online manual, which covers techniques, details, and applications of HempBLOCK installation.
  • An online practical test will follow the manual review.
  • Successful completion of the test is required to proceed to the practical training, ensuring a solid foundation in installation methods.

Stage Two:

  • Three field days dedicated to HempBLOCK installation on an actual construction site.
  • Course subjects include safety protocols, handling procedures, cutting techniques, proper placement, the load-bearing system, flashing procedures, finishing touches on the LB 300 system, and working with the HB series.

Once you have successfully completed the training you will have the option for one year's free membership to HempBLOCK Master Builders.

Course fees are $1,100 which also includes nutritious lunches and beverages (coffee, tea, water, refreshments).

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