Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is your load bearing hemp block system superior to traditional concrete?

A: Our load bearing hempcrete block system is superior to concrete in three main ways.

Firstly, it reduces construction time by up to 60%. The blocks interlock (without the use of a mortar), are then reinforced and rendered.

Secondly, hempcrete is a more efficient temperature regulator that keeps buildings cool in summer and warmer in winter reducing the overall reliance on ongoing temperature control.

Finally, hempcrete blocks are safer as they’re both termite and fire-resistant.

Q: Are HBU hempcrete blocks manufactured in America?

A: At this time, HBU blocks are manufactured in France and we are the sole distributor across America. We are in the process of organising manufacturing and distribution in America.

Q: How long does it take to ship blocks to USA?

A: Current shipping time is approximately six weeks.

Q: What is the construction time of hempcrete blocks?

A: Construction time is only 10 minutes per 10 square feet!

Q: What is the process?

A: Once you’re ready to proceed, contact us to discuss your specific project.

We can provide an integrated architecture and engineering service that begins with basic design concepts, or we can work within your current design. Once we know the specific requirements of your building project, we’ll provide a detailed quote including delivery to the building site.

Q: How do you know hempcrete is the best building material?

A: Founder, Johan, has been working in the construction industry for 30 years with 10 of those years working with hempcrete. Hempcrete has been tested in Europe for eight years and with strong global connections, he has seen firsthand the success of building projects that use hempcrete as the main source of building block. Johan is also a director of Australian Industrial Hemp Innovations and active in International Industrial Hemp Alliances. Johan has previously been director of Hempcrete Australia providing technical solutions and training throughout the country. He is currently a director of Hempblock Australia and Hempblock USA.

Q: How to construct walls for wet areas?

A: HBU recommends to batten out bathroom walls to assure the walls continue it’s breathability.

Attach the battens vertical to the HempBLOCK wall with glue and screws at recommended spacings. Sheet as per sheeting supplier installation recommendations. Waterproof and tile as per building codes.

Q: How do I fix a hole/cavity in a hempcrete wall?

A: Mix up hemp wood, (add optional 10% of crushed hempcrete) and the lime binder with a small amount of water until it has a consistency like a damp muesli. Dampen the cavity area with a fine water spray and push the hempcrete in the hole then flatten until flush with the finish wall. Large holes are best done in two stages. Render once the filling is completely dry.

Q: How do I install a partition wall?

A: Bring the wall back to the hempcrete surface by removing the render coatings. Add wall ties on the budding wall and ceiling.
Assure the floor surface is binding between the waterproof cement/lime mortar and the first course of hemp blocks.

Q: Can I self build with HempBLOCK USA products?

A: All construction needs to comply with local building codes. The projects need to be engineered and implemented as per requirements.

The HempBLOCK LB 300 system is easy to install. It is very similar to concrete block system construction. Particular attention needs to be paid to the construction methods and associated details as per the manufacturers installation recommendations.

It is essential that bonding to the sub-straight, water and damp proofing, steel connections and sizing / spacing between columns and lintels or bond beams are installed as per the engineering specifications. It is highly recommended to engage a bricklayer that is familiar with concrete block wall construction. Construction of a HempBLOCK home is similar to that of a concrete block wall with the exception of mortar jointing.

HBU, where necessary, provides (owners) builders and block layers support through the construction process. This is a free service via phone or email.

The amount of HempBLOCKs and recommended materials (eg: lime render) materials is calculated using the building plans supplied by the client. We can provide an online 3D model that shows the placement position of the blocks as per plan.

Q: Does water affect un-rendered walls?

A: Blocks can be exposed to the elements and are not affected by weather conditions. Rain and snow does not affect un-rendered walls. It is critically important to ensure bracing of all un-finished HempBLOCK walls until the concrete filled columns have cured. Once the weather has cleared and the blocks have dried construction can continue.

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