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We are currently gauging the level of interest amongst smaller investors on the crowdfunding platform We Funder.  It is just a few steps to engage actively in the word’s revolutionary building material – HempBLOCK!

Invest in our company HEMPBLOCK USA INC. to establish the 1st HempBLOCK manufacturing facility in the USA.

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Why should you invest in HempBLOCK USA?

Your investment is an opportunity to:

  • Become part of the company at an early stage prior to institutional investor involvement.
  • Accelerate the adoption and manufacture of natural sustainable building materials that supports the American agricultural sector.
  • Own part of a company that will provide local training and employment opportunities adding value to rural economies.
  • Be happy knowing that the activities of the company will result in major public benefits in social, economic and environmental terms.

NOTE  This is a reserve round and there is no obligation to commit your investment prior to us completing the necessary paper work.

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If you are interested in becoming an investor please click the button below and reserve your investment amount.

Thanks in advance.

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